Monday, September 20, 2021

“We can do even better…” – a message from the young actors from “Cvetan Dimov”

DSC04929The first school to break the ice and to organize a final presentation of the artistic products which resulted from the creative workshops of the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project is SUGS “Cvetan Dimov” from Skopje.  Around twenty talented and creative students from this school, with the help of their two teachers and professional actors, staged a four-act play titled “We can do even better…” The play was seen with great enthusiasm by the school management, students and many teachers.

During the play, the students acted out four different situations from the everyday life that trouble young people in order to demonstrate that their problems do not recognize any ethnic or religious background and that today’s youth should be united in their attempt to solve these problems. The creative workshops have proven to be a successful tool for interethnic integration in the education, and that creativity and art are a “universal language” of the students from different ethnic and religious background.

After the play, the audience in the hall awarded the young actors with a well-deserved applause, while the students in their costumes and masks proudly greeted the audience with a smile. These students were awarded certificates as a token of appreciation for their contribution to the improvement of the interethnic integration in education and for setting a great example for the other five schools that are about the finish the preparations for their final presentations.

DSC04975IIEP implemented the creative workshops in cooperation with the partners from the Performing Arts Centre “Multimedia” which is an organisation with a long term experience in the implementation of this type of activities involving young people.