Friday, January 21, 2022

“We are all under the Same Sun”

unnamed556On November 11, the Primary School “Debarca” from the municipality of Debarca celebrated its School Day, which this year was dedicated to the interethnic integration and the multicultural strengthening of the traditionally good relations between the Macedonian and the Albanian community in the municipality and wider.

With guests from the partner PS “Nuri Mazari” from the village of Korosista from the Municipality of Struga, their closest neighbours, they prepared acts for the joint celebration of the School Day. The songs and the dances spoke more than enough about the tradition and the folklore that are close to both communities.

The guests from Korosista participated in the art and literature competition on the topic: “We are all under the Same Sun”, as well as in the cross-country race which the school organizes every year as part of the celebration of the School Day.

unnamedHowever, the joint activities did not end there. In the course of the following months, the two schools plan to organize joint literature reading sessions, outings and excursions to nearby places, visits to religious and historic venues, sports competitions and fairs of traditional food, which will include not only the students and the employees, but also the parents and the citizens of the two places. These are only a few of the many ways for strengthening of the companionship, which promotes education of the children which is free of prejudice and non-tolerance and full of love and respect for everyone, because, as they all said together  – We are all under the same sun.