Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Visit to cultural and historical sites for a better mutual understanding

DSCN6192_800x600The students from the elementary schools “Koco Racin” and “Naim Frasheri” from Kumanovo visited several places of interest in Skopje that are important for different ethnic communities in the country where they learnt a lot about the culture and the tradition of each other and about the rich cultural history. Through the acquaintance with the cultural heritage, the students briefly went back in time when the history and the culture of living of the nations from this region were created.

The visit started with one of the most beautiful Islamic monuments, the Mustafa Pasha mosque, and continued in the church of St. Saviour, which is a monument of culture protected by law. In the talk with the curators, students learnt interesting facts about the masterpieces of the ancient builders and their creative journeys in the creation of the cultural treasure.

Then, they continued through a part of the Old Skopje Bazaar with prevailing Ottoman architecture. There they felt the spirit of the tradition by walking along the narrow alleys and the little shops that are selling all kinds of products.

On the way to the Stone Bridge they learnt additional facts about two famous historical figures. The teachers were telling stories about Gjergj Kastriot – Skender Bey who was the first to bring the nations together in the joint struggle against the Ottoman armies and the haiduc outlaw Karpos, also known as the “King of Kumanovo”.

They went over the Stonebridge which is considered a blend of the traditional and the modern, i.e. a bridge between the old and the new part of Skopje. The visit ended in the memorial house of Mother Theresa where they learnt interesting facts about the life of the famous humanitarian who helped the poor and the disadvantaged people.

The students were curious and asked questions in order to find out something more about the visited locations and they made notes on the important data that will serve them in the preparation of informative panels. The visit went in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.  On the way back, the bus echoed with the joyful laughter of the students who departed with a promise that they will make their next meeting even more fun.