Saturday, October 16, 2021

Training with Journalists and Editors in Veles

On September 23 and 24, as part of the project intended for teachers and students from secondary schools throughout the country a two day training for producing multimedia content (Youth via Media) was realized. As part of this training, participants from all secondary schools in Veles were present. The two teachers and students which were part of the training had the opportunity to work with professional journalists and well known editors throughout the country who had the chance to transfer some of the experience and knowledge.

The participants received knowledge about production of multimedia internet content in the context of interethnic integration in education and learned new things about stereotyping and heard examples of common stereotypes in the printed and electronic media, prejudice and hate speech in the media. Participants present understood what is news, story, interview, and how to write, ethical rules that need to be followed, preparation and editing of content and writing on the web.

As part of the eight regional trainings that will be organized in addition Kumanovo, Kicevo, Struga, Tetovo and Bitola in the following period, 56 secondary schools will be involved in the process. From these trainings over 100 students and 100 teachers will benefit.