Sunday, October 17, 2021

Training on parental involvement for the schools professional service staffs

On June 28, 2013 one-day training gathered 60 school psychologists and pedagogues from 58 pilot schools to build their knowledge and skills to initiate and strengthen a parental involvement to support the interethnic integration in education. The support has been given to the schools’ professional service staffs in their efforts to involve parents in activities to improve school-based interethnic activities. The high level of collaboration with and among the professional service staff initiated sharing many ideas about how to attract, include and maintain parental participation in moving towards the change for interethnic integration within the schools. School pedagogues and psychologist were inspired to identify different ways and activities for involving and cooperating with the Parent Councils and parents in order to involve parents to become more active actors in improving school-based interethnic integrated activities. Many ideas were shared on how to implement meetings and variety of activities with parents on school level to gain a better understanding of the importance of school based efforts to achieve interethnic integration in their schools. The professional service staff will organize meetings and events with parents, carried out on a school level to introduce the project goals and activities to the parents, parental support for preparation of the joint student activities, and parental support in presenting the project achievements.

The trained school professional service staff will further share their responsibility for parental involvement in advancing the interethnic integration with the School Integration Teams and Parent Councils within the 58 pilot schools.