Sunday, January 16, 2022

Training on Interethnic Integration dissemination in the pilot schools

Dissemination of the training sessions on interethnic integration in the education on the school level was initiated in the frames of the component for Capacity Building of School Management and Teachers. The secondary schools Taki Daskalo from Bitola and Goce Stojchevski from Tetovo and the primary schools Perparimi from v. Rechica and Besa from v. Veshala from the Municipality of Tetovo are the first schools which in the period from 21st to 28th December 2012 conducted the training sessions on introducing the concept of interethnic integration in the education on the school level.

The training sessions were conducted by the school trainers who previously participated in trainings and other consultative meetings in order to acquire the competencies for successful transferring of interethnic integration content to their colleagues in their schools.

During the training sessions, the school trainers had expert support from the master trainers/mentors and from the collaborators from Loja and Sumnal as partner organizations of IIEP. The positive spirit and the motivation of the trainers enabled the dissemination to be carried out without a hitch. A total of 215 teachers participated in the training sessions in the aforementioned four schools.

The majority of the participants highlighted that the most interesting part of the training was the practical activity in which they had the opportunity to jointly plan curricular and extracurricular activities among students from different ethnic/language communities.

Through this activity, the participants got a practical idea of the model for interethnic integration in the education in which the students, through the experience of joint activities, will be able to learn to communicate and collaborate with one another, to recognize the mutual similarities and differences and to reduce the prejudices against the others.

At the end of the training, the participants in the Taki Daskalo high school from Bitola underlined: “Projects from the area of interethnic integration have been realized in our school previously as well, but now, through the training, we reached new knowledge, new ideas and a motive for greater engagement in joint projects in partnership with schools with another language of instruction.”

The school trainer Arzike Jonuzi from the Perparimi primary school expressed her satisfaction with the participation of her colleagues in the training, together with her belief that the first steps for starting activities which will allow the students from different ethnic communities greater closeness and friendship have been made.