Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Training of trainers for creative workshops

12 secondary school teachers from the municipalities of Prilep, Kavadarci, Kocani, Gostivar, Ohrid and Cair participated on the three-day training of trainers held in Skopje from 26 to 28 February, 2014. The goal of this training was to advance the skills of the school teachers who later will pass on the knowledge to their students in the selected municipalities. Experts and artists will utilize a methodological approach, which is a combination of individual and group work, to introduce the culture of the others. At the same time they taught about prejudice and stereotypes, as well as conflict resolution through game.

I learned a lot in this training, especially in the practical part of it. Through these trainings, I discovered my creative side which I thought I did not have and I found myself. I think that this creative part in me will help me detect the creative moments among the students. All of these experiences which I gained through this training, I will transfer to my students and we will work on a lot of topics. We will resolve a lot of problems which trouble them, from a multiethnic aspect, but also from everyday situations. All of the above-mentioned, we will transfer through games and fun – stated the professor from SS Orde Copela from Prilep, Igor Galovski.

The teachers will begin implementing the 12 creative workshops in the period from April to June with groups of 20 students, after which, a presentation of the final products will follow.