Monday, October 25, 2021

Training for producing multimedia content for secondary school teachers in Stip

Today and tomorrow September 17 and 18, 2013, a two-day training for producing multimedia content (Youth via Media) with teachers and students from the secondary schools from Stip, Radovis and Sv.Nikole will be held in Stip. During the previous week the same training was held in Skopje with the teachers and students from secondary schools in Skopje in which they received knowledge about production of multimedia internet content in the context of interethnic integration in education.
They expanded their knowledge about stereotyping and had the opportunity to hear about examples of most common stereotypes in the printed and electronic media, recognizing biased and unreliable reporting, prejudice and hate speech in the media. The participants receive information about the basics of informative writing such as: what is the news, story, interview, and how to write, ethical rules, preparation and editing content and writing on the web. The approach includes work in groups; teachers and students prepare their stories by taking photos, writing texts, making videos with statements, editing and upload online their products.
As part of the eight regional trainings that will be organized in addition Veles, Kumanovo, Kicevo, Struga, Tetovo and Bitola in the following period, 56 secondary schools will be involved in the process. From these trainings over 100 students and 100 teachers will benefit.