Monday, October 25, 2021

Training for planning effective interactive public presentations in Stip, Tetovo and Kumanovo

From 11 to 14 November, 2013, three one-day training for planning effective interactive public presentations were held in Stip, Tetovo and Kumanovo. The trainings were designed for all primary and secondary schools in these three regions, involving a SIT representative from each school. The training aimed at developing the skills and knowledge of the participants with new information and practical experience about planning brief statements for specific target audiences, identifying, avoiding, and addressing stereotypes, prejudice and hate speech.

The participants were also familiarized with structuring and organizing effective presentations, preparing a public presentation for a specific target audience groups presented by using a role play, organizing a debate, a press conference where a discussion and feedback will be given by the other participants.

These types of trainings continue and will include all schools from the region of Veles, Struga, Skopje, Strumica and Kicevo in the course of November and early December.