Thursday, October 28, 2021

Training for Interethnic Integration in Education for SIT’s (school integration teams)

From June 25 to July 5, 2013 started the activities from the second phase of the capacity building of school management and teachers that involve schools that have not been included in the first phase. Secondary school Josip Broz Tito and elementary school Dimitar Miladinov together with the Interethnic Integration in Education team are hosting the trainings for Interethnic Integration in Education for School integration teams. The training will be attended by members of the school integration teams from 97 schools.

The participants are being acquainted with the findings from survey about the interaction between students from different languages, the level of collaboration between teachers of different languages ​​as factor for improvement of interethnic integration in education, joint activities of students of different languages (sections, sports, events, excursions), introducing a multicultural iconography on the school walls.

The participants will further share and disseminate their gained knowledge and skills to the other colleagues in their schools.