Friday, December 3, 2021

Training for Interethnic Integration in Education for School Integration Teams – Phase 2

Within the IIEP component for Capacity Building of School Management and Teachers, two one day trainings for the School Integration Teams concerning activities regarding interethnic integration in education are taking place today and tomorrow (20 and 21.08) in Skopje.

The main focus is placed on the process of dissemination of the gained knowledge, self-evaluation by the students, parents and teachers and comparing the actual condition with the desired position, organization of activities in which the IIEP team coordinates, implements and promotes the results from the realized activities. Other issues which are important to mention are the global planning which is put in the annual program of the school, detailed planning such as action plan and joint student activities.

IIEP team has obtained written materials for all the SIT members as well certificates for those who will finish the process of dissemination in their schools. Until the end of September, 194 schools from 38 Municipalities will finish the second phase of the trainings.