Monday, October 25, 2021

Traditional Love and Cooperation between “Vera Ciriviri Trena” and “Bratstvo”

Recently, the elementary school “Vera Ciriviri Trena” from the municipality of Karpos in Skopje hosted another meeting in the series of meetings and joint activities with the students from the partner school “Bratsvo” from the same municipality. This time, the reason for the gathering was the regular control of the vegetable garden that was planted last autumn by the students from both schools.

IMG_5360-001The members of the “Garden Partol” inspected the garden in detail, weeded the grass and rejoiced the growth of the lettuce, the onions and the other herbs.

The joint success and the efforts of the students were duly marked in the botanical journal, and they did not miss the opportunity to complement the album with new photos that chronologically describe their love and cooperation, which are embodied in their garden.

Satisfied with the progress of the vegetables, the students from the partner schools agreed that on their next meeting in spring, they will prepare fresh salads.