Saturday, October 16, 2021

Through sport to lasting friendships

Students from the primary schools “Naum Naumovski Borce” and “25 Maj” from the Municipality of Gazi Baba, that implemented several joint activities during this school year through the IIEP programme for small grants, held a joint final event on May 28. As we were informed by the coordinators of the school integration teams from both schools, this was their third gathering.

“The children were looking forward to this gathering and they were constantly asking us when they are going to see again their friends from PS “25 May”, says Liljana Stefanovska, coordinator of the team from PS “Naum Naumoski Borce”.

2 - k2“Happiness”, “Flower”, “West Ham” and “Sabadell” were the teams that wished us a warm welcome in the sports hall “Madzari”. A total of 40 students from both schools, with mixed ethnic backgrounds, took part in joint sports competitions in football and volleyball. The excitement and the anxiousness to start the sports gathering were evident among the students from both schools. At the beginning, all children received t-shirts with the names of the teams they chose for themselves. They quickly divided themselves into groups and each group took its part on the sports field. “Happiness” and “Flowers”, were teams comprising girls who played volleyball. In an instant, the hall was filled with students and teachers who came to cheer for their teams. The entire hall echoed from the joyful cheering. The same atmosphere was also present at the sports field in the school yard where “West Ham” and “Sabadell” teams were competing against each other.

1 - k2The end of the competitions didn’t mean the end of the time spent together. Afterwards, the students had some snacks and refreshments and they couldn’t stop talking. When it was time to leave, the students told us that they are a bit sad because their gathering was over, but they also said that they hoped to see each other very soon. Undoubtedly we can conclude that the sport is one of the best ways for children’s integration and spending time together.