Thursday, October 28, 2021

The wealth of a person is measured by the number of friends

DSC09284“It is very important for you to spend time together, kids. To learn how to say hi to your friends in their language. To show respect. The wealth of a person is measured by the number of friends” said the driver of the group to the students from the PS “Kultura” from the village of Matejce, Lipkovo while driving them to make a visit to their new friends from the PS “Hristijan Todorovski Karpos” from Rankovce.

And the foregoing was really demonstrated both by the hosts and by the guests. The students from both schools continued in that fashion and they jointly addressed the attendees of the annual School Day of “Hristijan Todorovski Karpos” in Macedonian and in Albanian. Then, they performed several joint acts including bilingual recitals and folk dances that are specific for the two ethnic communities. What could be seen by the audience in the crowded hall, including the Mayor of the Municipality of Rankovce – Momcilo Aleksovski, was the constructive cooperation between the two schools and their sincere wish to create more opportunities for communication and bonding among the children.

DSC09300The activity is only a part of the several joint activities which the two schools plan and will conduct with the small grant for implementation of joint student activities. With these funds, granted by the IIEP, the students already held a joint workshop for life skills education and they will also have a long-term art workshop, a long-term activity for creation of a map of natural and cultural landmarks, as well as a mixed sports tournament. We do not have any doubts that with the efforts made by the two schools, the students from “Hristijan Todorovski Karpos” and “Kultura” will really become wealthier as a result of their new friendships!