Monday, October 25, 2021

The Only Tourist Guide for Veles and Kumanovo – One of the Many Fruits of the Partnership Between Two Schools from These Cities

DSC03959With the introduction of the tourist guide for Veles and Kumanovo, students from the high schools “Kole Nedelkovski” from Veles and “Nace Bugjoni” from Kumanovo began their presentation of the joint activities implemented in the course of the previous academic year. During the event, which was held in the SS “Kole Nedelkovski” in the previous week, the students presented a unique tourist guide dedicated to Veles and Kumanovo. The guide comprises data on the location of the two cities, the history, the architecture, the food, as well as the famous authors who were born there.

During the presentation, in addition to the tourist guide, other activities undertaken by the students in the past period were presented as well. Students from Kumanovo also attended the presentation. “Sports are an excellent motive for social gatherings and therefore we started the project in our school with sports competitions which involved students with a mixed ethnic composition. The purpose of these competitions was not to compete and prove ourselves, but to mark the International Day for Tolerance”, says Beni, one of the students from the host school.

In the previous months, in addition to the International Day for Tolerance, a multicultural workshop was also organised, titled “Celebration of Christmas and Bajram holidays” in which the parents were also involved. Furthermore, during the visit of Kumanovo, sports competitions were organised on the sports court of the SS “Nace Bugjoni” and in addition to the sports activities, the students were able to spend time together, to go sightseeing and to become acquainted with the cultural-historical monuments of Kumanovo, where they took photos to be used for the tourist guide.

DSC04063Upon the completion of the presentation, the students from both schools made posters with photos from the locations they visited, adding comments under each photo and drawing. The posters were presented to the attendees. At the end, students from both schools went to a joint sightseeing of Veles.