Friday, December 3, 2021

The Treasure Lies in Diversities

11254053_10153274312376139_3671991727875824533_nThe beauty of celebrating cultural traditions in areas where many cultures intertwine is that in this manner different cultures become enriched, while exchanging experiences with each other. However, when cultural traditions become school traditions, that becomes a reciprocal benefit.

On the one hand, members of different cultures become closer and on the other hand, positive experiences are conveyed to the students. This is the case with the primary school “Bratstvo Edinstvo” from Ohrid. For the second consecutive year, under the motto “The Treasure Lies in Diversitiies”, the month of Ashure (Muslim tradition) is celebrated in this school.

12043134_10153274313171139_4558072228315757405_nAs a part of the celebration organized by the initiative of the parents’ council, the traditional dessert “Ashure” was made which was then served to the parents, students and teachers. The delicious dessert which is made of many ingredients sends the message that the more diverse, the better and richer. It is also a reflection of the relations between the communities and the students in the school.

“Ashure” is a symbol of solidarity, sharing and unity, values that every person should possess”, stated Fahrie Redzep, multiple-subject teacher and member of the school team for interethnic integration.