Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The trainings for joint sports and fun student activities are favourite among the teachers

At the end of March, the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project, in cooperation with the Open Fun Football Schools, organized, for the fourth time, a two-day training for teachers-trainers for joint sports and fun student activities.

Guided by the idea that sports and fun are excellent tools for integration of the students from different ethnical backgrounds, the purpose of the training was to develop skills and expertise in teachers for planning and implementation of recreational activities in schools.  The training that was held in Strumica, was attended by approximately 40 teachers from 10 multilingual schools from several municipalities in Macedonia.

DSC07948Immediately upon the arrival and the brief presentation by the IIEP team, the teachers visited the sports fields, where, with assistance from professional coaches, they performed recreational activities at three different sports stations. The positive atmosphere and the euphoria on the field could be heard from afar.  Although the competitive spirit was inevitable, however, what is important is that all activities were designed in a manner that allowed each participant to be a winner at the same time in order to emphasize and promote teamwork and fair play among the players.

DSC08022Later during the training, the teachers actively participated in two theoretical workshops.  At the first workshop, the manners of efficient motivation of students to participate in sports and fun activities were presented before them. Above all, by encouraging communication and openness in children during the games, but also in their everyday lives.   At the second workshop, the teachers shared their knowledge and exchanged positive experiences from their past work. They also had a task to mutually create, by combining their best practices, innovative sports and fun games that focus on the student as an individual.

At the end, the created games were presented on field, where teachers played the role of children, having a lot of fun and recreating.  They did not hide their satisfaction with the new experiences and skills, and they agreed in one thing, the only deficiency of the training was that it did not last longer.

The teachers who attended the training are expected to contribute to the effort for the sports and fun activities to be regularly practiced and to become an inseparable part of the educational process.  Encouraged and supported by the IIEP team, they will continue organizing activities, through which students from different ethnic backgrounds will directly communicate, spend time together and have fun.  In that manner, while students build muscles, they will also build common memories and a common future.