Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The students tried out the new basketball baskets in the schools in Bucin and Presil

“Together we Score” was the topic of the meeting of the  students from the elementary school “Kiril i Metodij” from Bucin and the satellite schools in Svetomitrani and Presil. During the one-day socializing in Presil, the students played a friendly basketball game and worked on the strengthening of their competitive spirit.


The hot weather was no obstacle for the students to enjoy in the game and to perfect their basketball skills. An additional inspiration for the game was the newly placed basketball basket in the satellite school in Presil, which for the first time was tried out by the young sportsmen from the three neighboring villages near Krusevo. A new basket was also placed in Bucin, where in future the students will have better Physical Education classes and possibilities for extracurricular recreation.


The basketball game followed after several meetings of the students from the three inhabited places, which meetings took place in the recent period. At the meetings they were exploring about the famous basketball stars, about the rules of the game and about the  history of basketball.  The aim of the activities is to motivate the students for team work and more exercises, and at the same time to develop the mutual tolerance and trust.