Monday, January 17, 2022

The students from “Tefejuz” and “Goce Delcev” schools in the role of TV stars

The primary schools “Tefejuz” from Cair and “Goce Delcev” from Centar have been partners since 2013 and for the third consecutive year, they have been continuously cooperating and implementing numerous joint activities. With the aim of presenting their successful example of cooperation between two schools with different languages of instruction, 80 students from both schools were guests for the second time on the children’s show “Golem Odmor” (Recess) on the Macedonian Radio Television.

DSC06000Under the guidance of the teachers Jeliz Ahmet, Maja Gjorgievska, Tulaj Ademi and Viktorija Borovska, the students presented their latest activities in front of the entire country. In addition to the workshop for healthy food conducted with the assistance of a professional nutritionist, the students also performed an act in English dedicated to Halloween, made paper filigree and participated in sports activities. Furthermore, the students from “Goce Delcev” learned to recite several poems in Turkish language, whereas the students from “Tefejuz” learned to recite poems in Macedonian language.

DSC06009The relaxed atmosphere and the friendly relation between the teachers from both schools portray the depth of cooperation between these two schools. According to the statements of the coordinators of the School Integration Teams from the two schools, Jeliz Ahmet and Maja Despotoska Saridis, the schools have continuous meetings and joint activities and they are planning to continue this practice in the future.