Friday, December 3, 2021

The students from “Liman Kaba” and “Panajot Ginovski” spent time together in Skopje’s Butel

During the joint activities of the partner schools “Liman Kaba” from Ljuboten and “Panayot Ginovski” from Butel, the students drew cartoon characters, analyzed a text and held sports competitions.

Under the guidance of the teachers-mentors, about twenty students from the two schools implemented a number of activities during their socializing in Skopje’s Butel. First, the students, in several mixed groups, drew characters from the favorite children’s animated films, and then each group presented their work.


The creative program continued with the analysis of an eco-text by using the spider web and star techniques. The students were given an assignment to read the text “The Cow without a Beautiful Meadow” in Macedonian and in Albanian, and after having understood the content of the text well, divided into 2 groups, they were filling the poster board papers in line with the teaching technique for understanding and experiencing a literary text.


Satisfied and happy with their work, the students donned their sports jerseys and played several matches and fun games. Finally, before parting, they agreed to meet again on the slopes of Skopska Crna Gora, in the village of Ljuboten.

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