Monday, January 17, 2022

The students from Debar continue with the joint meetings

11198793_10202757751465089_1608699104_nAfter the several meetings implemented with the assistance of the small grant for joint student activities, the students from the primary school “Riste Risteski” from the village of Kosovrasti and the primary school “Said Najdeni” from Debar had another joint activity. This time, 20 students from both schools, in mixed teams, played a friendly football match.

Having already met each other at previous joint gatherings, the students were more than happy to have the opportunity to meet again with their friends from the partner school. As any other sport event, this one too, was followed with a merry cheer from the audience. The teachers, the parents, the local population and the young people from the village of Dolno Kosovrasti gathered around the sports playground and cheered for the sports teams.

After the match, the students had a well-deserved relaxation time and a joint lunch during which they continued having a good time and shared the impressions from the interesting sports day.