Monday, September 20, 2021

The students from Arseni Jovkov use art to embed the interethnic cohesion

Promoting the short films at the secondary school Arseni Jovkov marked the efforts of the students to demonstrate the interethnic cohesion and collaboration. This promotion event took place on 26 February, 2013, in the lobby of the secondary school Arseni Jovkov, gathering more than 200 parents, students, teachers, representatives of USAID and others.

The short videos/films were produced during the creative process that took place several months, as part of the activities of the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project in collaboration with partner organization Multimedia. Youngsters from different ethnic groups jointly reflected their knowledge about the respect of differences, by overcoming the stereotypes and prejudices when creating these films. The event was followed by loud ovations from their classmates, parents, teachers and representatives from USAID and others present.

DSC00302rOur famous actors Sasko Kocev and Luran Ahmeti led the presentation in the secondary school Arseni Jovkov, completing the purpose of the occasion and showing a great deal of cohesion and unity when running the event.

Last night was the Oscar Award in Hollywood, today is the Oscar Award in Arseni Jovkov in Skopje”, said Sasko Kocev. Students through collaborative work and video products showed the audience that interethnic coexistence, tolerance, respect for diversity, and the relationship between ethnic groups is something that can be a reality in every school in Macedonia.

The presentation ended when certificates of appreciation were awarded to the students who were part of the creative process, as well as teachers and artists who gave their unreserved support in creating them.
The works of these talented young people can be seen here.