Monday, January 24, 2022

The Secondary School of Economics from Gostivar – a Branded Demonstration School

Students, teachers, parents and municipality representatives promoted the coexistence, the cooperation and the integration among all communities in the secondary school of economics “Gostivar” from Gostivar. Last Wednesday, it was a real pleasure to visit the school that is so committed to the creation of a more integrated environment where all students and teachers live the dream of every school in the country: to live united and together, instead of living one next to another.

The occasion was the branding of the school as a demonstration school with a specific flag as a symbol of unity and with a separate Declaration of Interethnic Integration which calls for togetherness and cooperation of all communities in the implementation of the school activities.

On Wednesday, everything was in the spirit of coexistence and integration of the communities in the school of economics in Gostivar: starting from the school anthem, to the proud display of the integration symbols, as well as the presentation of the joint student activities, as a real indicator of how to live and work with each other.

“We have been actively working for three years and we are taking an initiative for the creation of sustainable interethnic integration in the school and for improvement of the environment for coexistence”, said the school director, Jovanka Ognjanoska, clearly indicating that the changes are substantial and are becoming part of the identity of the school.

The school of economics from Gostivar is one of the six schools in the country that intensively work with all their structures on the building of a model for integrated education. In the course of the year, all schools have been branded with special flags as Demonstration Schools and each school has endorsed the Declaration of Interethnic Integration.