Monday, January 24, 2022

The Schools “Krste Misirkov” and “25 Maj” Announced: Through Cooperation towards more Friendship, Happiness and Smiles on Children’s Faces

IMAG0400With modern and folk dances, students from the primary schools “Krste Misirkov” and “25 Maj” from municipality Gazi Baba began the presentation of their joint activities which were conducted during the whole year. During the joint event which was held on June 16 at the school gym of PS “Krste Misirkov”, children revealed the results from their hard work – lots of dance, drawings, songs, art and creativity, all of which were jointly created, in mixed groups. The friendship and fun proceeded in an excellent atmosphere, in front of a large number of parents, peers and teachers.

The program had something for everyone’s taste. In addition to the modern dance by students from both schools, they also performed the traditional Albanian dance “shota” and a traditional Macedonian folk dance. Parents accompanied the students with applause in the rhythm of the music, while a picture of two doves flying was being projected on the screen in the background, symbolizing peace and coexistence.

One of the students from “25 Maj” shared his impressions from the visit to the partner school for Easter, whereas another student from “Krste Misirkov” talked about all she had learned about the Muslim holiday Eid from her friends at “25 Maj”. Besides these visits, students from the two schools met on March 8 (International Women’s Day) for a joint preparation of greeting cards, and also for the Day of Internet Security, where they learned about the advantages and the hazards posed by modern day technology. In the joint activities, there is always room for environmental protection too, hence, in numerous occasions students from the two schools cleaned their school yards. These are just a fraction of the good deeds done by the students and their teachers, and which were promoted on the presentation.

Towards the end of the event, children addressed the audience. Without hesitation, they described how much fun they had while socializing with friends from the partner school. To support their words, they pointed towards the stands, where besides the joint drawings and other artwork, pictures from the joint activities were portrayed. One could feel the happiness and fulfillment of all children, regardless of their background, reflected from these pictures. With a smile on his face, one student from the second grade at “Krste Misirkov” promised: these friendships will continue in the future.