Monday, October 25, 2021

The partner schools from Kumanovo with new interesting activities

1On 1 March, the elementary school “Bajram Sabani” from Kumanovo hosted another get-together with the students from the neighboring partner school “Brakja Miladinovci”. On the 7th meeting, the guests arrived decorated with Martenitsas and the hosts welcomed them joyfully, immediately starting to ask questions about the Martenitsas.

The meeting officially started with the game “Earthquake” during which the old school building joyfully creaked under the feet of the children who were running and trying to find a house or a tenant as soon as possible.

Then, the teachers Valide Sejidi and Milena Stefanovska gave an assignment to each of the mixed groups of students: on one half of the sheet, to draw a flower, a house, a sun and a tree, all in only one colour. The students started working and did their best to draw a house only in red, a sun only in purple, a tree only in yellow and a flower only in blue.


The challenge continued and on the second half of the sheet the children were told to draw the same thing, this time borrowing coloring pens and paints from the other children. Each of them was allowed to give their brush and paint to another child from their group and in return take theirs. The exchange of paints was exciting and the students were curiously going through the colors that the other children had, trying to find the right nuance for their drawings.

The new drawing started to become colorful and shine on the March sun that was warming the classroom.

In the end, it was not difficult to conclude that both in the drawings and in any other activity as part of our everyday lives, if we cooperate, share, give and take, everything can be more joyful, more colorful and more beautiful.