Friday, July 30, 2021

The maintenance of the schools enhances the learning environment

1The maintenance of the schools was the topic of the one-day training held at the end of November 2014 organized by the IIEP component for providing incentives to schools and communities. This training was attended by the secretaries and the technical personnel from the 13 schools that were renovated in the course of 2014 with the assistance of the project. This was an exceptional possibility for the 46 representatives of these schools to share their knowledge and problems related to the maintenance of the schools. The IIEP team and the engineers-practitioners presented the situation in the schools from the aspect of maintenance, the usual problems that arise in terms of the maintenance of the schools, as well as the possible solutions for such problems.

In the course of the training, the participants and the trainers had a comprehensive discussion both from a technical point of view and from the aspect of sustainability of the presented activities, obligations and procedures for maintenance of the schools on the long run.

The maintenance of the schools is a topic that is neglected in the education-related debates, and it directly influences the conditions for stay and work of the students and the employees.  The good maintenance and the application of energy-efficient materials may bring about financial savings on the long run, which can then be used for renewal of the equipment and the teaching aids, which will have a direct impact on the improvement of the educational process.

3At the training, a representative of SS “Vanco Prke” from Vinica shared their experience from the application of the lessons learned at the training that was held the previous year and the good practices and procedures for maintenance of the schools that have already become an everyday practice in their school. “We implemented the lists for monitoring of the activities for maintenance of the schools, that are used by the technical personnel in their everyday work, in order to improve the schools maintenance procedures. The employees in the school have become accustomed that they need to check whether everything is all right and to report the problems. At first all that might seem unnecessary, complicated and time-consuming, but trust me that when you start applying the lists and the procedures you will see that your entire work becomes more organized, more visible and more effective.Do not fear new things – embrace them, apply them and the results will become visible very soon.” said Radmila Mancevska, representative of the professional services in the secondary municipal school “Vanco Prke” from Vinica while addressing the attendees.

Many topics were opened in the course of the training. A majority of the issues and the dilemmas were answered and clarified, but many issues remained to be discussed in the course of the visits for monitoring of the work of the schools together with the technical personnel, which is the most important link necessary for the proper maintenance and functioning of the school. The benefit from the improvements arising from the maintenance of the schools will be felt by 7,233 students and 866 employees in the 13 schools that were renovated in the third year of the implementation of the Project.