Sunday, October 17, 2021

The friendship of the students from Kisela Voda and Cair – a blend of traditional and modern

Even the spring rain did not ruin the excitement about the joint mingling among students from different ages from the Skopje primary schools “Kiril Pejcinovic” from Kisela voda and “7 Marsi” from Cair, which took place on 29 April 2015.

1The magic words from the works of the writers Gorjan Petrovski and Fejzi Bojku marked the beginning of the culture and artistic meeting of the Macedonian and Albanian students from VIII and IX grade. “Different languages have the same power through the creativity of the written word” was the topic of the discussion in which students debated about the work of the writers whose works were read, about the power of the books, about the translation of the works, and some of the students present spoke about their talents in the sphere of literature, music and sports, and presented their awards and prizes.

The masks that were created in the art workshop “Masquerade – the language is not a barrier” were an opportunity for most of the ideas to be united in one common work, reflecting the creative spirit of the students from VI and VII grade.

The students, from IV and V grade prepared delicious and diverse multiethnic dishes which interwove the scents of both the diversities and the similarities. By preparing dips and mini sweets, the children blended the traditional and the modern cooking.

The youngest students also worked together. Their gathering turned into a wonderful ethno workshop during which they created pottery-related clay items, and also various artefacts were presented that witnessed about the cultural past of the two ethnic communities.

This is how Tijana Toseva, a VII grade student in “Kiril Prcinovic” saw the event: “The time spent together with students from the Albanian ethnic belonging was really pleasant. While making the masks, we got to know each other, we had a good time and we exchanged contacts. It was an excellent opportunity to learn something about another ethnic community. I hope that this friendship will not stop here.” says Tijana.

2Dimitrina Boskovska, an VIII grade student, has similar impressions: “The time spent with the writers left a strong impression. We had a nice time together with the boys and girls from the Albanian ethnic background who were more than hospitable. We exchanged experiences from our school life and we learned some Albanian words. I’m looking forward to our next meeting” says Dimitrina.