Friday, December 3, 2021

The elementary school in Bogomila has new look

DSC07722The students from the elementary school “Petre Pop Arsov” from the village of Bogomila, Municipality of Caska, celebrated the renovation of the school building. In the past period, the school got new windows, an entry door, several partition walls in the classrooms, as well as a new façade on one of the outer walls, which significantly improved the conditions for implementation of the educational process.

At the ceremony which took place at the middle of March, through songs and games, the students showed the present guests what it means to nurture the friendship and the cooperation among the students from different ethnic background.

During the event, the attendees were also addressed by Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer Ford from the Office of the Air Force Attaché within the US Embassy in Skopje, the mayor of the municipality of Caska – Goranco Panovski and the principal of the elementary school Petre Pop Arsov, Pance Taskovski, who emphasized the importance of the activities focused on the joint future of the young people.

DSC07858After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the students gifted greeting cards to all attendees, stating that friendship should be nourished and that it is a Sun that shines on all of us. However, the gifts did not stop there! The elementary school students also gifted Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer Ford a unique handmade mask, hoping that she will wear it on 1 April.


DSC07802In the end, they also presented the joint activities that were implemented in the past period. They showed their “friendship tree” and informed the audience that it had been watered with lots of love and unity because, for them, friendship is the most valuable thing.

The renovation of the school was implemented as part of the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project in order to provide better conditions for learning and for work and to foster intensive cooperation among the students of different ethnic backgrounds.