Saturday, July 31, 2021

The Efforts in Supporting Schools to Become a Model of Interethnic Integration in Education

Highlighting the colossal interest of schools to become a model for interethnic integration in education, the selection committee, having a demanding role and responsibility, selected 4 out of (75) received and outstanding school applications.

The selected schools are the following:

  • Primary School BRATSTVO EDINSTVO -Ohrid
  • Primary School SANDE STERJOSKI – Kicevo
  • Construction High School Center ZDRAVKO CVETKOVSKI-Skopje
  • Secondary Economic Municipality School GOSTIVAR- Gostivar

Demonstration Schools are anticipated to contribute to a deeper understanding of various approaches to ethnic integration, by employing extracurricular and, feasibly, curricular activities– increasing the collaboration between teachers and parents of mixed ethnic background, whereas children gaining amplified knowledge into diverse and inclusive learning settings.

These four (4) schools in the first pilot year will serve as basis for scaling-up in other the primary and secondary schools, by disclosing the best practices and lessons learned and conveying to other schools throughout the country.

The Project team performed three (3) school presentations in the selected schools, for the school staff, representatives of the parents’ councils and the school boards. It encompassed the basic concepts of the interethnic integration in education, the anticipated involvements, the benefits and advantages of the engagements, as well as schools getting acquainted with the understanding about the establishment of the School Integration Teams (SIT). These teams will have a vital role in planning, coordination and monitoring of the school-based activities, including the school self-evaluation.

The Guidance for selecting members for School Integration Teams (criteria, selecting procedure, evaluation grid, narrative of the roles and responsibilities) was imparted to the schools, preparing the ground for the next period, when School integration Teams will be established, operating and effective.