Friday, December 3, 2021

The best multimedia products were selected from the secondary school competition “Multi-via-media: How do we coexist together in the schools”

An expert jury, comprised of experienced journalists, trainers and representatives of the partner organizations of the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project, selected the best three multimedia stories from the competition “Multi-via-media: How do we coexist together in the schools”, which was organized by IIEP in cooperation with the Macedonian Institute for Media.

34 secondary schools from the country participated in the competition with a total of 57 multimedia projects which capture different aspects of the school activities dedicated to the interethnic integration in education.

The jury assessed the stories according to their relevance to the topic, its originality, the quality of the product, the message it sends and the number of students and teachers involved in the activity and in the product.

At the awarding ceremony, which will be held at the beginning of May, in addition to the awards also 5 certificates of commendation will be awarded for the shortlisted stories. The other participants in the competition will be presented with certificates of recognition for the demonstrated engagement in the advancement of the interethnic integration in education.