Sunday, January 16, 2022

Teachers learn how to create and use sports and games to bring children together

Games are always fun for young people. But DSC01781besides this, they prove to be very beneficial in strengthening values such as communication, team-work, respect and openness, which benefit the goal of interethnic integration among students. This is why utilizing sports and games in this context could be a very useful tool to promote better relations and friendship between youngsters from different ethnicities in Macedonia.
On March 28 and 29, during a two-day training held in Struga, 29 teachers coming from 10 different schools and municipalities across Macedonia had the opportunity to create and plan sports activities that will be realized later on in practice with the students in their schools. During the training, organized by USAID’s Project on Interethnic Integration in Education in partnership with Open Fun Football Schools, teachers were getting in the role of students with sports and fun activities and worked on concrete methods to utilize these activities in education DSC01743purposes for interethnic integration. The participants enthusiastically took part in all of the activities, carefully listening to the lectures given by the IIEP and OFF representatives, and gave their own ideas on how to make the best use of sports and games in this context. The participants came from carefully selected schools with two or three languages of instruction.
During the first day of the training, participants were divided into three groups and had to pass through three different stages of activities. The three stages had different themes and a variety of activities in accordance to their theme. At the end of each round of activities, participants had a feedback session with the trainers by OFFS. The first day of the training proved to be very productive and fun as well.
The second day of the training was dedicated to create new games which would bring children of different ethnic backgrounds close together. Later on, these games were tried out by the teachers themselves in an open air atmosphere, on the Beach of Ohrid Lake.
Participants will later on implement these activities in their schools, especially during gym classes and extracurricular sports activities.