Saturday, December 4, 2021

Teachers from 5 newly selected schools learnt the skills for creative work with the students

The participants in the creative workshops training that was held at the end of February in Skopje, in cooperation with the Performing Arts Center – Multimedia, learned and practiced new and different methods of work – getting experience and knowledge about the problems and their solving through creative processes.

2009-04-07 09.40.33(1)Through games and acting, they learnt new manners of getting to know each other, at the same time using various different creative techniques for dealing with the stereotypes and the prejudices present in the society.

The participants in the training learned how to identify and solve a conflict in a creative manner, which is especially important in view of the fact that in the future they will use and share the acquired knowledge and skills as part of their work with the students.

The process itself, under the mentorship of experts in the sphere of creative activities, stimulated the openness and the flexibility of the teachers from 5 new schools in which creative workshops will be held, in order to provide a tool which will be used in the educational process.

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