Monday, January 17, 2022

Teachers displayed their emotions: took the role of jokers and actors at the Training for Forum Theatre Methodology in Ohrid

The participants in the third Training for Forum Theatre Methodology, which took place from 19 to 21 August in Ohrid, experienced new perspectives and played many new roles which should contribute towards an increased communication between teachers and students, as well as in dealing with the everyday challenges in the future.

DSC03437The process that tested the flexibility and the openness of the teachers from several secondary schools, also created space for complete animation in which teachers enjoyed and learned about forum theatre methodology as a tool to be used in their work with the students.

Forum theatre is an experience-based tool that breaks stereotypes and opens new doors for communication and creative conflict resolution. The performance itself is a short dramatic scene that reveals a conflict between the “oppressor” (a role in the hypothetical act) and another character on the stage. The audience follows the act from the beginning, and after its completion, some of the participants get a chance to get on stage. The ultimate goal is to resolve the conflict in a method chosen by the brave member of the audience who comes out on stage in order to oppose the “oppressor”, who otherwise is the only one with a permanent role. The joker-moderator leads the communication with the audience and balances the overall process.

DSC03470The last training from the cycle of training sessions for the forum theatre methodology was the most practical until now. The teachers let their emotions display – they were jokers and actors – they moved both their bodies and their minds through an intense process that strengthened their knowledge and helped them acquire skills that will facilitate their work with young people.