Monday, October 25, 2021

Success story of Teodora Gjorgjeska and Driljon Miftari

Members of the debate clubs, Teodora Gjorgjeska and Driljon Miftari share their views about the debate clubs organized by the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project.

Driljon Miftari: As part of debating group of our school, established by Interethnic Integration in Education Project of USAID, we learned a lot of new things, but the most important point we learned were the “debating skills”. Throughout this project and these lectures we have perceived and developed our thoughts and obtained more concrete ideas. I was highly impressed by the group work, especially our collaboration, where everyone provides his/her ideas, where concrete ideas were resolved as debating issues. Even though the project was attended by students of different ethnic groups, it didn’t hinder our collaboration, by the end we became one team. On this occasion we learned about culture and religion, but more important is that we improved our Macedonian and partly our Turkish.

As benefit from the efforts provided by our lecturers, that taught us on debating, we had the opportunity to organize a public debate in our school, where professors, parents, student and some members of FRA took part. The subject of this debate was “Voting in each democratic election must be compulsory”, where I was part of the positive team, e.g. to support the thesis. With some ideas and arguments I consider that we did our best and convinced the attendees that “voting is a civic duty like other tasks of citizens, such as “compulsory taxes”. In addition, it is worthy to stress out that the key issue of debating club is the improvement of our self-confidence and certainly with accurate arguments to compete with the opponents.

I will continue to take part in this project, since I like being part of such education with multicultural activities that have great benefits for students. I am highly grateful to USAID IIEP Project and FRA that throughout these activities support interethnic integration in our society.

Teodora Gjorgjeska: Well, is the ethnicity a reason for intolerance, tensions and discrimination in our society?

Let us be realistic, in many occasions that is the case.

Anyhow, there are people, institutions, organizations that aim to jointly organize youth prosperous and progressive forces, drivers of each society for achieving common goals in order to overcome these negative events, which can only produce problems that affect each member of the society.

Namely, as a result of the debating club of the secondary medical school “Nikola Shtejn” that enabled joint collaboration, we members of this club spent plenty of time in exploration, education and what is more important we freely expressed our thoughts and standpoints for each segment of life and society. We attended in different tournaments in our school and in the regional tournament in Skopje. We took part as school team with mixed ethnic composition, but that was not an obstacle in terms of obtaining our goals. That brought us together, enabled cohesion and made us stronger. It proved to us that the most important is the honesty and the irresistible wish for socializing. We even overtook the communications obstacles by speaking English throughout the debates and by that we improved our English as well. In fact, we mutually accepted weaknesses and strengths, we helped each other, exchanged different opinions and ideas, laughed, we simply enjoyed what we were doing and by all means this friendship will last very long time.

At the debating tournament our team didn’t qualify that high in the ranking list, but that was not the most important part of the debate, if we take into account the achievement of our common goals, such as, socialization between the members of our team and the socialization with the members of the other teams helped us to understand the importance of friendship without limits, regardless ethnic, religious of any other background.

We all need to provide our best in terms of development of these and similar activities, to contribute on strengthening of interethnic friendship, tolerance and overcoming any kind of discrimination. This way we will provide great contribution in the construction and development of a healthy society, useful for us all.