Sunday, January 16, 2022

Success story of Bujamin Jakupi

A member of the debate club of Nikola Shtejn and debater at the Public Debate that was organized on 21th of December. “As a part of the debate club established in our school by the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project we have learned many new things,starting from debating skills”-says Bujamin. Thanks to the lectures and workshops we have developed our way of thinking and expressing ourselves during a debate. It was very  interesting to work in a team with more youngsters, where everyone shared their own ideas;and the best ones were chosen for the given topic. During this project we have met new friends that we get along with, and also learned about their culture,tradition and religion of our Macedonian and Turkish friends. We have also been able to improve our Macedonian, and a little bit of Turkish. An important event we had while doing this project is the public debate that took place in our school. We had the chance to debate in front of our professors,parents and friends. It was a special feeling for us. The thesis of this debate was “Voting in every election in a democratic society should be obligatory“.It was our success and of the members of YEF because everything we had learned during those months was expressed in that debate.The team I was a part of was negative and we tried to go against the thesis of obligatory voting and convince the audience that it shouldn’t be obligatory because voting is an individual right.

I will continue to participate in this project; I like and want to be part of such educational and multicultural activities.

We are very thankful to the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project and the YEF organization, that make these activities possible. Such activities are vital for youth, and for the whole society.