Monday, October 25, 2021

Elementary school students were designing greeting cards for the International Women’s Day

We came across children chattering, laughter and an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and spending time together in the classroom of the elementary school Koco Racin from Kumanovo. Around twenty fifth graders in this school, together with as many of their friends from the partner school Naim Frasheri from Kumanovo, were designing greeting cards and making decorations for the International Women’s Day, the 8th of March.

DSC01313They greeted us shortly and immediately continued with their work. They were in a hurry to finish the decorations, each of them overwhelmed by the wish to make as beautiful decoration as possible.


“The children immediately became close friends during their very first meeting. This is their second meeting and now the friendship continues in our school” – stated Lidija Peshevska, the principal of the elementary school Koco Racin.

Even the teachers of both schools could not hide their excitement about the meeting and the activities. Everything was organised and planned – the students, together with their teachers, will give the greeting cards and decorations to the elderly women in the Nursing Home Zafir Sajto from Kumanovo.

DSC01291While the young creatives were on a deserved break, we went for a short walk together with the teachers to have a look at their “IIEP Corner” they were telling us about during the workshop. In a separate part of the school there is a place where the products from all the previous activities of these two partner schools are exhibited. Photos from joint performances of the folk dancers, activities from sports clubs and art workshops, were only part of the exhibited items in the corner. The handprints of the students who took part in these activities decorated the walls and witnessed the friendship and the time spent together.

3“This corner is in its initial phase and we plan to enrich it with many more products that will be made by the students of both schools. The schools already have their own anthem – Friendship has no Borders” – says Goran Arsovski, IT teacher in Koco Racin.

Before we left, we wished them to continue with the successful cooperation and we scheduled another meeting in May when the school plans to promote its creative corner.