Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Students from Kavadarci visited their friends in the Skopje village of Rasche

Entertainment games and eco-action during the 5th meeting of the students from the elementary schools “Drita” from the Skopje village of Rasche and “Dimkata Angelov Gaberot” from Kavadarci. During the time spent together in the middle of March in the village of Rasche, 30 students from both schools developed their friendships acquired in the previous meetings and shared new experiences.

The activities started with traditional folk dances which were jointly danced by all students.  Then, they played entertaining interactive games, drew spring cherries, made bags and planted evergreen and deciduous trees.

The students, the employees and the principal of the school “Drita” proved to be great hosts.  At the end of the joint meeting, they took their guests from Kavadarci to the Matka canyon and together they enjoyed in the natural beauties.

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