Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Students from Cajla near Gostivar explored the multiculturalism values

About fifteen 9th grade students from the elementary school “Cajla” from the inhabited place with the same name located near Gostivar participated in a class aimed at exploring the term “multiculture” and the main features of a multicultural society.

The class started with an introduction game in which each student introduced him/herself in the language of their choice, and in the classroom one could hear words and greetings in different languages ​​- zdravo, tung, hello, gjunajdin



After the opening game, the students continued with a discussion about their understanding of the term multiculture, its meaning and the characteristics of a multicultural society such as Macedonia. The discussion was finalized with a conclusion that in every multicultural society it is necessary to have mutual cooperation mutual respect between the different cultures.


Afterwards, the elementary school students shared their personal examples of friendships that they nurture with students from another ethnic group, and they did not miss to mention that they all have many similarities that connect them, such as sports, music, art, etc.


During the most interesting activity, the students wrote short compositions on the topic ,,Me and my new friends – we are both similar and different” in which they were writing about an imaginary journey around Macedonia where they met and befriended their peers who speak a language other than their language.

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