Thursday, January 20, 2022

Sports and fun – great tools for integration

From 17 to 18 April, the sports court of the Makpetrol Hotel in Struga was a source of a soul soothing sight. 40 teachers from ten primary multilingual schools from all over Macedonia awakened the children within them at the IIEP Training for Sports and Fun Activities for teachers-trainers.

The training, implemented in cooperation with Open Fun Football Sports, started with a short theoretical part on the importance of sports for bringing together children from different ethnic backgrounds, and in general, for the healthy physical and psychological development of children. Then, the teachers, divided in three groups, went to the sports court where a series of sports and fun activities took place that they will further organize and implement with students from different languages of instruction in their own schools.

On the second day of the training, the teachers, as trainers, presented sports and fun activities that they invented. The teachers were delighted with themselves – their openness, motivation and creativity were evident and contributed to the entire positive atmosphere. They wished for the training to last a couple of days more. “We did not use such activities, believing that they will not be interesting for the older children, however, now I understand, since we enjoyed the activities so much, they will enjoy them even more”, said Milan Ristevski, physical education teacher in the PS “Liria” in Tetovo.