Sunday, August 1, 2021

Skills Development for Master Trainers for the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project

Creating supportable environment and conditions to sustain interethnic integration in schools and in relevant educational institutions, marks the efforts of the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project to include and coach key educational stakeholders to actively participate in the practical activities.

By doing so, the educational collaborators generate understanding and substance,  take up the responsibilities and ownership of the project to further expand the knowledge, disseminate and develop skills, to diverse target groups from primary and secondary schools such as: teachers, directors, professional collaborators, members of the school boards, parents, children.

Selected 19 candidates out of 245 applicants, with additional 13 advisors appointed by the Bureau for Development of Education and the Vocational Education Training Center, were brought altogether into a two-day introductory seminar for skills development for Master Trainers early July 2012, to get acquainted with concepts of ethic integration in education and promotion of project activities; how to perceive the role of the ethnic identity in the functioning of the person; how to demote the stereotypes and prejudices through education; know-how to cultivate activities for trainings in schools; and many more.

Likewise, the seminar enabled educational stakeholders to familiarize with the procedures for qualifying for master trainers, which includes participation in training, evaluation of the portfolio that documents the development of multicultural competence and readiness to implement trainings.

The endeavors of the Master Trainers in the next period will continue in developing further their skills, deliver and disperse the knowledge with their coworkers and companions, and coach the members of the School Integration Teams– an imperative to the integrated approach for lifelong and continuous process for interethnic integration in schools.