Monday, September 20, 2021

Singing and dancing to mark the completion of renovation of Kiril and Metodij

By singing and dancing with old, traditional instruments, the people present in Zletovo celebrated the completion of the renovation of the Kiril and Metodij satellite primary school in the municipality of Probistip. In collaboration with the municipality, the floors in the classrooms and in the hallways were changed and now the students have better learning environment for interethnic integration in education. Everyone was involved in the process, teachers, parents and students who contributed in the cleaning activities.
The event was attended by Mark V. Watkins, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S Army Chief, Office of Defense Cooperation, U.S. Embassy, MAJOR Rick Trayah, ODC Deputy Chief and Bilateral Affairs Officer, USAID Senior Education Specialist, Lela Jakovlevska and Mayor of Probistip, Toni Tonevski.

“We at EUCOM recognize the importance of inter-ethnic integration in public school education for the Republic of Macedonia, and congratulate you on your commitment to work toward that goal. In doing so, you will help the future leaders of your community grow up with common values and established friendships – friendships that will foster a cooperative, integrated, and peaceful society,” said Lieutenant Colonel Mark V. Watkins, U.S. Army Chief, Office of Defense Cooperation at the U.S. Embassy.
The renovations are just one part of the activities that the schools will undertake in order to create and sustain the interethnic integration in education.