Monday, January 17, 2022

Sharing an Ashure in Ohrid

IMG_5781Driven by the tradition, on November 20, about 15 parents from all communities, along with the students from the school community and the teachers who teach in the three languages of instruction from the primary demonstration school “Bratstvo Edinstvo” from the Municipality of Ohrid, prepared Ashure in the school kitchen, a traditional dessert which is consumed in this region. Everyone took part in the preparatory activities – some procured and prepared the ingredients, others participated in the cooking and mixing of the Ashure, and a third group prepared the decorations for the following day on which the joint tasting of the dessert was also scheduled.

Noemvri 2014 036On the following day of the tasting, in addition to parents, students and teachers, representatives of the municipality and the local educational institutions also attended the event. They were all informed about the recipe for preparation of the dessert, as well as about the meaning and the symbolism of the celebration of the month of Ashure which emphasizes the values of solidarity, sharing, abundance and co-existence. Furthermore, through the activity, all attendees reminded themselves of the recipe for nourishing the good relations between the communities. Just like the Ashure has many ingredients and represents the richness of different tastes, the activity of the parents emphasized the advantages of the joint actions aimed at strengthening of the mutual respect and the interethnic integration.