Thursday, October 28, 2021

Schools from Ohrid and Tetovo Region Take an Initiative for Implementing Activities for Interethnic Integration

On October 13th,  2014, PS “Faik Konica” from the village of Dobroste, Municipality of Tearce, hosted its partner school PS “Zivko Cingo” from Velgosti, Ohrid, marking the beginning of the implementation of the jointly prepared program of student activities for interethnic integration. Both schools, with great enthusiasm for mutual cooperation and meeting new people, are implementing partner activities on their own initiative and with municipal support.

The cordial welcome by the hosts, as well as the enthusiasm of the teachers from both schools during the preparations contributed to creating a friendly and motivational atmosphere for the students, whDSC05297o implemented numerous joint curricular and extra-curricular activities, such as: joint English class dedicated to Halloween, joint Macedonian language class that started with the “Itar Pejo” (“Sly Peter”) play performed by the students from PS “Faik Konica”, math classes for the 6th and 7th grade, an art workshop, two sports competitions in football and volleyball, and their time together ended with music performances.

“This visit embodies the strengthening of the established partnership and further develops our friendship and cooperation which began on May this year when, together with some of our teachers, we visited the PS “Zivko Cingo”. The teachers and students from the partner school are wonderful and very cooperative. The cooperation among the two schools is at its highest level and we are convinced that it will deepen and further develop in the future.  These two schools are a true example of a good partnership aimed at interethnic integration” stated the Director of PS “Faik Konica”, Mr. Redzep Dauti.

His colleague from the Velgosti school had a similar opinion and stated: “We were all thrilled by the reception and the warm welcome of the teachers and the students, and we are especially happy because this was something new for us. We are all people with the same problems, troubled by the same everyday issues. When we get to know each other better, we will see that we are not that much different. The whole event turned out to be much better than what we imagined, stated the Director of PS “Zivko Cingo”, Mr. Gjoko Cingovski, regarding the visit to Dobroste.

DSC05398The meeting was also attended by the Mayor of the Municipality of Tearce, Mr. Isen Asani, who supported this partnership and expressed the openness of the Municipality of Tearce for cooperation. “Tearce is a municipality that can be taken as an example of coexistence and cooperation among all ethnic communities that live here”, stated Mr. Asani.

After the completion of the activities in the school, the students and teachers from both schools jointly visited the “Šarena Džamija” (“Colourful Mosque”) in Tetovo. We hope to hear of many more successful stories similar to this one.