Monday, October 25, 2021

School Performance Quality Indicators in Education

The USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project (IIEP) in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science and the State Education Inspectorate has started the process of improvement of the School Performance Quality Indicators with priority topics in the area of education. This activity will contribute to sustain the efforts made by the educational institutions and projects to improve the overall education in the Republic of Macedonia. Thus, the IIEP in the upcoming period will organize a series of working meetings, focus group discussions and interviews with different stakeholders in education.

The first focus group aiming at improving the indicators in the context of inclusive education took place on 17 September 2012. In order to ensure continues interethnic integration in our education system, on 26 September 2012, IIEP organized a working meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Education and Science, State Education Inspectorate, Municipalities, NGOs and practitioners from primary and secondary schools. Curricula, Teaching and Learning, Management and Governance, were the three out of seven areas in the indicators that were revised and updated during this working meeting. In the following period the IIEP team in cooperation with the State Education Inspectorate will continue the process of improving the indicators and by December 2012 the new improved version of the indicators will be presented to the state education inspectors and schools.