Monday, October 25, 2021

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony at the Primary School Mite Bogoevski in Resen Municipality

Municipality of Resen and the Primary School Mite Bogoevski celebrated the official opening of the new refurbished school- with a new renovated roof and access ramps for persons with disabilities.

The USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project together with the school and municipality on 29 November 2012 gathered teachers, parents, children and municipal officials to mark this day and congratulate the successful completion of the renovation in their school.

Along with local citizens, the event was attended by the USAID Senior Education Specialist, Lela Jakovlevska, Chief of the Office of Defense Cooperation United States Embassy, LTC Mark Watkins and Mayor of Resen, Mihail Volkanovski.

The school Mite Bogoevski is an example of a school with an old tradition of practicing good interethnic relations and all ethnic communities living in cohesion.

“Knowing this, it is an example that we further promote in other schools and local communities that a mutual understanding, respect and integration of all, regardless the ethnic or other belonging is possible and highly valued.  I would like also to thank and acknowledge the significance of involvement of the parents in the process; supporting the efforts of the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project to make schools a place where all children are equally”- said Mr. Watkins during his speech.

The process of refurbishment was financially supported by USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project and the United States European Command (EUCOM).It represents only one dimension of the number of activities that school will undertake in the next period, in order to create and sustain the interethnic integration in education.