Monday, October 25, 2021

Reporters from “Mihajlo Pupin” inform us: we got the third place on the eco-film competition!

We didn’t have to wait much before receiving the fruits of our joint work following the training for producing multimedia contents for the internet, held last month for teachers and students from secondary schools in Skopje. Students from the secondary electro-technical school of City of Skopje “Mihajlo Pupin” which participated on the training have given us very good news for their school. Namely, on the competition “Young reporters about the Environment” which was organized by the non-governmental OHO from January until April of this year, the film “Story of the 21st century” –developed by young “Pupinians”, received the first prize, in the competition among 38 secondary schools in the country.

The film was developed by secondary school students Angel Davkovski, Stojan Gorevski and Stefan Todorovski, under the mentorship of Professor Mirjana Nedevska. During these months, they directed and starred in this video product, which intends to raise the ecological awareness of young people.

What’s particularly fulfilling is the fact that this film will be referred to the international competition of the campaign, where it will compete against participants from 25 countries, whereas the students will have an opportunity to socialize with peers from different cultures and backgrounds. “Mihajlo Pupin” devotes a lot of attention to inducing the creativity of young people and building positive values in that way and this is demonstrated by the fact that last year they also won the competition, whereas on the international competition they came in third and participated in workshops in Stockholm.

“Pupinians” are not only good filmmakers. With this reporting, they showed that they have also mastered the techniques of journalism, and they wrote us a story which includes all the elements which we learned together in the training for producing informative multimedia contents in Skopje, with the aim of reporting us their success.

You can watch the eco-story of the 21st century of these creative secondary school students in the following link: