Sunday, January 16, 2022

PS “Panajot Ginovski” from Skopje was an excellent host to a senior USAID representative

On the 11th of December, Ms. Christie Vilsac, a Senior Education Advisor in USAID in Washington, visited PS “Panajot Ginovski” from the municipality of Butel in order to attend the joint activities for interethnic integration of the students and the teachers. At the very beginning, the School Integration Team (SIT) and the teachers, who, together with the students and the parents implement the activities, welcomed the guest with home-made doughnuts, coffee and conversation during which they shared their experiences regarding the coexistence in the school.

Afterwards, Christie, together with the teachers and the representatives of the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project had a tour of the classrooms, where the enthusiastic students eagerly waited for the guest to arrive so that they would show her what they had prepared together. In the first classroom, the guests attended a joint biology class. Divided into several groups, the students had prepared large drawing papers and drawings related to the human body and health. The students even measured Christie’s pulse who previously said that she eats lots of vegetables and works out.

In the second classroom, the guests attended a joint science class of fourth grade students. The students had prepared various raised-relief maps and a solar system model, and the most impressive item was the “planet of children” where everyone loves and respects one another. In the third classroom, the joint English club of the students presented the Skopje Tour Guide which was then given as a present to Christie to that she would be familiarized with the capital city even better.

Thrilled with the energy and the cooperation of the students, Christie did not want to leave the school.  She promised the students that she will visit their school again and that she will share her positive impressions with everyone as soon as she gets back to the USA.