Sunday, January 16, 2022

Promotion of activities in Demonstration schools

In the last week of January the six Demonstration schools promoted their ongoing activities in three separate events. Two demonstration schools participated in each event. The first one was held in Kichevo on 27 January and was organized by the primary schools Sande Shterjoski, Kichevo and Bratstvo Edinstvo Ohrid. The second was in Kumanovo on 29 January and involved the elementary schools Bajram Shabani and Brakja Miladinovci from Kumanovo, while the third was in Skopje on 30 January involving secondary schools Zdravko Cvetkovski and the economic school Gostivar from Gostivar. The demonstration schools presented their accomplishments and ongoing activities for Interethnic Integration. Members from SIT and students participated in the presentation, and the event was followed by teachers from the schools, principals of the other local schools, students, parents, BDE advisors, representatives from NGOs, municipality representatives, and local media.