Saturday, October 16, 2021

Producing Multimedia Content in Kicevo and Bitola

During last week, from 30 November to 2 October, 2013, two two-day trainings for producing multimedia content (Youth via Media) were held in Kicevo and Bitola. The trainings ware aimed at teachers and students from every secondary school in the two cities. The training was useful for the participants present to receive knowledge about production of multimedia internet content in the context of interethnic integration in education about specific subjects such as stereotypes in the printed and electronic media, unreliable reporting, prejudice and hate speech.
The participants present learned what is the news, story, interview, and how to write stories, to take photos, write texts, make videos with statements, edit, prepare and edit content and write on the web. At the end of the workshop they managed to create their own stories about activities that take place in their schools. They had the chance to work in groups, collaborate and share different experiences from the activities their schools undertake as part of the IIEP.