Sunday, January 16, 2022

Partnerships among schools as motivation for a greater cooperation among municipalities

Picture1“I would like to publicly invite all those who are interested to support this cooperation. Let this gathering be a motif and an invitation for including all schools, all managers and citizens, from both of our municipalities, as well as from other municipalities throughout Macedonia, that have the possibility, desire and faith to discern that what we are doing here together is something marvelous” – said the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Ohrid, Angel Janev.

By organizing a joint event, the municipalities of Ohrid and Tearce showed that interethnic integration in education is a process that should involve the entire local community and that should also expand to other fields of activity within the municipalities. The joint meeting between the schools “Zivko Cingo” from Velgosti village, Ohrid, and “Faik Konica” from Dobroste, Tearce, in addition to being attended by the 75 students, the teachers and the parents from both schools, was also attended by the Mayor of the Municipality of Tearce, Isen Asani, and the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Ohrid, Angel Janev.

4Astounded by the results from the cooperation between the students from these two schools, Asani expressed his desire to continue this type of cooperation in education also in the future, as well as to expand it in the sphere of economic cooperation between these two municipalities. “This initiative is of great importance and we highly support it because we are one country, one state. We are going to continue cooperating for a better future, for the benefit of the students and the new generations” – said the Mayor.

This was the fourth gathering between the students and the teachers from these two schools, at which they held 11 joint workshops, a friendly football match and a joint sightseeing around Ohrid. As stated by the director of the primary school “Faik Konica”, Rexhep Dauti, they are hoping that their friendship and partnership will serve as an example for cooperation for the other schools and municipalities. “We are a small country and we could have a great life if, instead of giving our children walls and animosity, we give them friendship and love” – added his colleague from “Zivko Cingo”, Gjoko Cingoski.